Why Natural Lash Health Matters

As women, we all want to enjoy perfect lashes – the type of lashes that we regularly see on celebrities and other so-called “beautiful people.” For generations, we could only achieve that goal by using mascara, eyelash curlers, tinting treatments, or false lashes. Now, eyelash extensions enable anyone to enjoy perfect lashes without the daily hassle of those earlier techniques. To get the most out of our lash extensions, however, we need to first make sure that our natural lashes are as healthy as possible. Yes, lash health matters!

You see, your natural lashes need to be strong enough to support those lash extensions. Weak eyelashes that have become brittle due to neglect will often fall out due to the added weight of the extension. Obviously, no one wants to see that happen, right? Moreover, the actual length of any extensions will always be limited by the strength and health of those natural lashes. So, even if your eyelashes are strong enough to support extensions, they may not be strong enough to support the extensions that you really want!

To keep your lashes as healthy as possible, we need to focus on the basics: cleanliness, nutrition, and daily habits. For example:

  1. You must clean your natural lashes daily. That means using a mild cleanser and gently working it into the eyelashes to remove debris and dirt. Clean lashes are happy lashes, after all.
  2. You should also brush through your eyelashes daily. This can be an important part of any strategy to remove debris and has been demonstrated to have a positive impact on growth. Make it a regular part of your eyelash maintenance ritual.
  3. Your eyelashes are hair follicles. Like other hair on your body, their health is largely determined by what you eat. Get plenty of protein, iron, vitamin B12, and essential omega-3 fatty acids to supplement your nutrition and keep all your hair as healthy as possible. In addition, drink plenty of water each day – something that you should be doing for overall bodily health anyway.
  4. Be mindful of your bad lash habits. Do you find your hands straying to your eyes, pulling on your lashes, or wistfully rubbing them throughout the day? Break that habit! Do you spend an inordinate amount of time in steam rooms or other hot and humid environments? That can dry out your scalp and lashes and will certainly play havoc with any extensions.

Finally, rely on a trusted eyelash extensions salon for your lash extension applications. At Bespoke Beautii, we’ve undergone rigorous training and are licensed by the state of Washington. That seal of approval helps to ensure that you will always receive the best eyelash extensions in Yakima, WA and can allow you to rest assured that we will help you to look and feel your best. So, take care of those natural lashes, and rely on us for those perfect eyelash extensions you deserve. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment!



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