Dispelling the Myth: Lash Extensions and Risks to Your Lash Health

Even though millions of women around the world now rely on eyelash extensions to give them the perfect lashes they crave, there remain many myths and misconceptions attached to this beauty enhancement. Unfortunately, those myths may deter some from getting extensions, preventing them from enjoying those movie star eyelashes they’ve always dreamed about. One of the most common myths involves the idea that lash extensions can damage your natural lashes. In this article, we’ll examine that myth and explain why women should feel comfortable with lash extensions as a viable beauty enhancement option.

First, it’s important to note that myths like these are rarely based on definitive evidence or scientific study. Instead, they tend to be crafted around anecdotal reports from women who were – for one reason or another – dissatisfied with their extensions. Moreover, the internet has made it easy for such accounts to spread with ease to every corner of the globe. Thanks to the power of mass media, even a handful of rumors can now quickly become settled fact in the public’s mind.

The reality of the situation is simple: experiences vary from person to person. Your own lash extension results will depend upon a variety of factors, including:

  • The health of your natural lashes. Stronger lashes naturally react better to the added weight of lash extensions.
  • The application. Your lash technician’s skill level plays a huge role in determining the quality and safety of your lash application.
  • Aftercare. Lash extensions are not “set it and forget it” beauty enhancements. There are specific aftercare instructions that you need to follow in the first twenty-four hours after application, and daily care tips that are essential to making the most of your extensions experience.

Obviously, you should only get extensions if your own lashes are healthy and strong. Your lash technician will consult with you and help you determine whether extensions are the right option for you. That lash artist is, of course, the most essential ingredient for ensuring a satisfactory lash experience, since a quality application is critical for protecting your natural lashes.

The rest is up to you. Follow those aftercare instructions to the letter and focus on maintaining your extensions. Keep them dry for the first day, and then clean, brush, and care for them each day thereafter. Avoid mascara, and oil-based creams while you have extensions on, and don’t pull, tug, or otherwise handle them.

Finally, don’t panic if you see a few lashes fall out each day – it’s actually natural. The human body sheds one or more lashes daily as part of the natural lash cycle. And don’t be surprised if your natural lashes look shorter after several weeks; that too is typical for the growth cycle, as new lashes emerge to replace those shed lashes. They take time to grow, and don’t just spring forth at full length.

Myths can sometimes cause us to miss out on many opportunities, as fear and uncertainty takes hold. With eyelash extensions knowledge truly is power. For most women with healthy, strong lashes, extensions pose no risk to natural lashes if they are properly applied and cared for overtime.

At Bespoke Beautii, we’re always here to help you learn more about maintaining your gorgeous, healthy lashes. For more information and to schedule your next appointment contact us today!



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