4 Reasons to Love L & L+ Curl Lashes

Unfamiliar with L and L+ curls? Nervous about incorporating something new in your life? Time to push past the doubts and start using them, because these unique curls are becoming a MAJOR trend. Here are 4 reasons you should start loving Ls: 1. If you have straight or downward-facing lashes Not everyone’s lashes have a […]

Dispelling the Myth: Lash Extensions and Risks to Your Lash Health

Even though millions of women around the world now rely on eyelash extensions to give them the perfect lashes they crave, there remain many myths and misconceptions attached to this beauty enhancement. Unfortunately, those myths may deter some from getting extensions, preventing them from enjoying those movie star eyelashes they’ve always dreamed about. One of […]

Clean Lashes are Healthy Lashes

Washing your lashes is one of the most important tools when it comes to proper aftercare. Cleaning your lashes every day helps to prevent infection, build-up, lash mites, etc. from getting to our lash line. Even if you have had great retention without cleaning them you can still catch one of the few mentioned previously. […]